Our Buffet Attendants provide a valuable service to passengers on our train services, and in our car park kiosk at Buckfastleigh Station. If you enjoy meeting people in a friendly relaxed atmosphere, are numerate and of smart appearance, whether you are single, or a couple who wish to enjoy their hobby together, then you may well enjoy working on our buffets.

The day begins about an hour before the first departure of the train at Buckfastleigh, ensuring that the buffet fully stocked and the boiler is on, topped up, and working. Training will cover the duties and operating procedures of the buffet alongside general safety on the railway.

Most duties in the department include selling refreshments both on our trains and in the car park kiosk. This will include the preparation of hot drinks, using a till and keeping the displays well stocked and tidy. Most of the food items on sale are ready-packaged such as crisps and chocolate. 

Clearing tables after they have been vacated is all part of the work and, if working on the train, you are expected to help the Guard and Ticket Inspector clear tables throughout the train during the day.

Handling of cash and completing end of day returns is necessary but again training is given. You will be teamed with experienced staff until you are comfortable with the procedures.

The basic uniform is a white shirt or blouse with dark trousers or skirt which you are required to provide yourself.  

Catering is a major source of income for the railway and your volunteer work is highly valued.  In return you are expected to act responsibly in the small unsupervised teams, use your initiative if necessary and to work on the days that you have volunteered for. Rostering is achieved via the Heritage Operating Processing (HOPS) web site.

No specific fitness levels are required, although you should be prepared to be on your feet for a considerable period of time. A cheerful disposition, a sense of humour, enthusiasm and a willingness to help will make the day pass quickly by. In the process you will have the satisfaction of enhancing the day for our passengers, enjoying the company of fellow volunteers and helping to add to the railway’s funds.

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