Legacies – Planning for the Future

Making sure you have a Will in place that protects your loved ones can help prevent more anguish at an otherwise difficult time. It is also a chance to leave behind a special gift to the causes closest to your heart.

Over the years, legacy income has become increasingly important to the heritage railway movement with the potential to fund both minor and major capital projects. Whilst our day-to-day income covers the cost of running the trains plus normal maintenance and renewals, there is always a need for more income to allow for investment in major development projects.

Legacy income has helped finance major locomotive restorations, the purchase and protection of carriages and the installation of major facilities on a number of heritage railways. In a new scheme, in association with our legal partners at regional law firm Kitsons LLP, we hope the South Devon Railway Trust as a registered charity (no 800299), will start to benefit in this way as well.

Kitsons’ ‘Wills for Charity’ scheme offers our friends and supporters the opportunity to help fund vital work on the South Devon Railway either by introducing a legacy into your will for South Devon Railway Trust’s benefit or simply by making a will for the benefit of family and friends.

To illustrate this, upon completion of your will, Kitsons will donate 25% of their fee directly to the South Devon Railway Trust, irrespective of whether you decide to leave a legacy or not. This means that, just by requesting, they donate 25% of their fee and you are making a difference today!

For more details of how you can help, please contact us today.