Details about the SDR’s latest total for our own ‘SOS’ emergency funding appeal are shown below as usual.  So, the SDR’s SOS appeal alone is still heading steadily week by week towards our next immediate target for it of £300,000 and now totals £297,914.74 on 7 September representing almost 60% (59.42) of the initial appeal target of £500,000 set in March.

The ‘SOS’ appeal has gone up yet again by a very creditable £63,440.10 this last week and, whilst the SDR is still not running any trains, the appeal funds are still desperately needed to keep us alive for future generations to enjoy too, so we are not letting up asking for money yet!

The SDR is still aiming to try and reach £500,000 as the original target figure it estimated would be the amount needed to combat the loss of income during Covid 19, but it could easily be more, so it is doing well now so far although it has to keep on going of course to get there!

Our ‘SOS’ appeal figures alone as of Monday 7 September show the following breakdown:

Donations from SDR Members starting on 23rd March, including Gift Aid, amounts to £169,732.25. This includes a £50,000 Donation this last week from an SDR Member (who is a regular volunteer) which when Gift Aid is added will give us £62,500.

  • Various  SDR Groups donations and SDRA donation of £20,000 amounts to £75,735.91 (including WLS & 5542 Groups Annual Hire fees of £5,000 that have been waived.)
  • The Virgin Money Giving total (including Gift Aid) was £37,018.40
  • The Facebook appeal, including Gift Aid, was £8,886.08
  • The Paypal Giving Fund donations came to £5,741.90

So, the ‘SOS’ appeal grand total so far received is £297,114.74

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