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Graham Farish 371-112BSF – Class 31/1 31309 Cricklewood – BR Blue – Sound Fitted


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The Class 31 is a favourite among enthusiasts and this Graham Farish model is a faithful rendition of these fan-favourites. The BR Blue livery applied to ‘Cricklewood’ was enhanced by its namesake depot with the addition of red bufferbeam cowling and the white bodyside stripe, a throwback to the livery in which the Class 31s were delivered when first built. This livery is expertly applied to the Graham Farish model using authentic colours, logos and fonts. Suitable for use on DCC or analogue control straight out of the box, this SOUND FITTED model will take your enjoyment to the next level with its authentic sound effects which only enhance the model’s good looks!



  • Graham Farish N Scale
  • Era 8
  • Pristine BR Blue livery
  • Running No. 31309
  • Named ‘Cricklewood’
  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Coreless Motor
  • Directional Lighting – independently switchable at each end via switches mounted on the circuit-board, or via DCC
  • SOUND FITTED – Fitted with a Zimo MX659N18 Sound Decoder – See below for the function list
  • Length 116mm



F0 – Directional Lights

F1 – Engine Start (Sound On/Off)

F2 – Brake

F3 – Single Horn (Speed and Direction Related)

F4 – Two-Tone Horn (Speed and Direction Related)

F5 – Light Engine

F6 – Engine Idle

F7 – Speed Lock

F8 – Cold Start (F8 On before F1)

F9 – Flange Squeal (Speed Related)

F10 – Despatch Whistle

F11 – Buffering Up

F12 – Coupling Up

F13 – Compressor

F14 – Spirax Valves

F15 – Cooler Group Fan

F16 – Primer

F17 – Auto Wagon Buffering (F17 On & F5 Off only)

F18 – On – Driver’s Door Opening / Off – Driver’s Door Closing

F19 – Fade All Sounds

F20 – Directional Lights Off – No. 1 End (Fan)

F21 – Directional Lights Off – No. 2 End (Non-Fan)

F22 – ‘Right o’ way’

F23 – ‘Going under’

F24 – Station Ambience

F25 – Detonators

F26 – Shunt Mode

F27 – Volume Down

F28 – Volume Up

Analogue Users: Directional lights and basic Prime Mover (engine) sounds, which vary with speed, plus any other automated sounds, can be enjoyed when using this model on analogue control (DC) straight from the box!

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