Education Volunteers

Every year we welcome hundreds of school children to the SDR.

They come to find out about railway history in particular the role of the train in World War Two and the characters involved in building the tracks and bridges in Victorian times.

School visits are also an important part of our business as they bring revenue directly to the railway and the children are important ambassadors persuading parents, families and friends to come and see us in the future.

Typically children from Devon’s primary schools visit us for a day which includes talks and practical sessions along with a train ride. These visits take place mid-week in April, May, June, September and October.

We’are looking for other volunteers to join us to put the 2018 programme together and deliver it. Could you talk to a group of 7 year olds about Brunel? Could you help tell them what it was like to be an evacuee or how rationing worked? Have you got any wartime memorabilia you’d be prepared to demonstrate and let the children try out?

If you’d like to help please get in touch!

Thank you

Car Park Bridge Progress

Well done to everyone involved in the replacement of Car Park bridge at Buckfastleigh – including working in the snow today! As well as the bridge, a lot of track work is going on – two sets of points have been lifted as part of this job for remedial work to me done.

Car Park Bridge Renewal

Work started today on stripping out signalling and points equipment in the Buckfastleigh Station throat in readiness for the lifting of the track and points to enable Car Park Bridge to be renewed.

The track will be lifted in the coming days and the bridge deck entirely removed and replaced over the next 3-4 weeks. This renewal is part of the SDR’s commitment to improve its infrastructure and build a robust railway for the future.

Thank you, in advance, to everyone from the various departments lined up to help with this work over the next few weeks!

2019 – Golden Anniversary Year

2019 is the 50th anniversary of the re-opening of the Ashburton Branch – and we are sure everyone would like to see a big celebration of that golden anniversary in 2019!

We are starting to plan the 2019 operating season now, and would be keen to hear views and ideas of how to celebrate the 50th anniversary year.

There are many ways in which the celebrations could take place – various galas, engines, timetables, methods of working, off-railway events, activities, etc.

So let us know your ideas by contacting us via any of the usual methods.

Although we can’t promise to do everything, we think everyone will share the SDR appetite and aspiration to do something really memorable.

Everything is ‘up for grabs’, so see what the most exciting thing you can come up with is to put the SDR’s 50th anniversary well-and-truly on the railway preservation calendar!