Ashburton Branch Reunion

A grand reunion for everyone who has worked on the Ashburton Branch, at any point in its history, is being held at Buckfastleigh on Saturday 13 April 2019!

If you have worked as a volunteer or employee of any of the South Devon Railway companies or associated groups, the Dart Valley Railway, British Railways, or even the GWR, and you worked on or in connection with this branch at any time, you are invited to our reunion and we would love to see you there!

The reunion is being held during our golden anniversary steam gala, which promises a lot of steam locomotives, including some ‘old friends’ from the history of the line.

You can catch up with former friends and colleagues and see how the branch has developed and progressed in preservation.

There will be DISPLAYS and artefacts relating to the the Ashburton Branch and its history.

You can then take a special REUNION TRAIN TRIP to Totnes and back to re-acquaint yourself with the line.

There will then be a HOG ROAST and a BAR at Buckfastleigh in the evening, followed by some light entertainment.

The event opens at 1pm, with the special train running at approximately 4pm, returning at approximately 5.30pm, with the hog roast starting at approximately 6pm (exact times TBA with the railway timetable is finalised). The bar will be open all day.

Up to three members of your family or guests are also welcome to accompany you.

There is no fee to attend this reunion event, but donations will be gratefully received at the hog roast. Attendees may ride the special reunion train for free, as a thank you for all your help in the operation of the branch over the years. (If you wish to ride on other trains during the day you will need to purchase a ticket at the prevailing rate.)

Attendees are asked to pre-register in order to enable us to plan appropriate food, trains, etc, by one of the following methods:
emailing us
– by Facebook message
– by telephoning us on 01364 644 370

Please include your telephone number, email address, and how many people you will be brining.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. I would love to register to attend the Golden Anniversary reunion celebration on Saturday 13th April please.

    I worked, full time, as the booking clerk during the 1974 season. Apart from Barry of course, I remember in particular, Chris Ashworth, Andy Cooper, Stan Turner and his nephew from Northern Ireland) whose name escapes me and Russel Maitland? I I am trying to remember, also, the chap who taught me the job (Richard ?) and was a member of St David’s Players at Exeter. I still remember watching him in Pirates of Penzance, with the gang and the words they sang to the ‘Police an’s Lot) in the run up to the Heath/Wilson General election!

    Have very fond and happy memories of those wonderful carefree days sinking a few pints either in the Devon Belle observation coach bar at the end of the day, the Sea Trout, Stable Door, or generally anywhere that sold beer!

    My wife (Jo) and possibly our son (Adam) would also like to come.

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