Ticket to Ride
Friday 15th - Sunday 17th June 2018

Get your ticket and take a ride back to the 1960s; a Magical Mystery Tour of groovy music, psychedelic fashion and mods & rockers that will give you the Hippy Hippy Shakes!

The 1960s brought us the greatest changes in music, fashion and society we had seen for decades. On the railways, Dr Beeching was closing thousands of miles of lines and thousands of stations and steam trains were being scrapped in their hundreds to be replaced by diesel traction.

Ticket to ride transports you back to the nostalgic days when the Beatles, the Dave Clark Five and the Swingin’ Blue Jeans filled the airwaves of ‘wonderful Radio London’ and ‘Radio Caroline on 199, your all day music station’, Carnaby Street was the centre of the fashion world and Sir Alec Issigonis’ iconic Morris Mini Minor and Austin Seven first rolled off the production lines.

Come and hark back to the days of Twiggy - and there’s a special welcome for anyone who comes along in 1960s clothing. 

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To keep you up to date with the cutting-edge 60s trends we are hosting a mini music festival with live performances of the latest sounds that popular music has to offer.


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