Wickham Trolleys

The South Devon Railway has a number of gangers' trolleys manufactured by D. Wickham & Co Ltd of Ware in Hertfordshire.

The trolleys, or at least those in working order, are used for transporting working parties and materials to sites along the line quickly when trains are not running and are particularly useful for accessing the many parts of the branch that cannot be reached by road.

Wickhams were famous for manufacturing rail trolleys and other rail vehicles that were exported all over the world. They were lightweight, cheap to operate and immensely flexible, so they became very popular with operators of railways of all kinds. The Wickham factory closed in 1991.

The South Devon Railway's Wickhams are:

PWM3767 / works no 6646 Adrian

PWM3773 / works no 6652  

Army 9038 / works no 8198  

Bernard Wickham / works no 11717 The Addick

Works no 11718 

Wickham chassis