Heritage Transport Gala and 'Behind the Scenes' - 15th/16th September 2012

With steam and diesel trains all weekend and an impressive collection of vintage vehicles on display at Buckfastleigh, the Heritage Transport Gala promises to be an interesting and enjoyable event.

This year, visitors will be able to see 'Behind the Scenes' as we throw open several areas of the railway's operation to the public that are not usually on show.

For instance:

• Buckfastleigh South signal box will open and signalling demonstrations will be taking place

• There will be afternoon guided tours of the SDR's extensive engineering facilities at Buckfastleigh, where we not only rebuild and overhaul our own locomotives but also undertake a huge range of contract work for other heritage and main line railways

• At Staverton, there will be a display of permanent way (track) vehicles, including our Plasser 07-16 Tamper No.73274, Plasser TRAMM No. DR98210, Liebherr A312 Road rail Machine 99709 940599, Wickham Type 27 Trolley PWM 3767, Wickham Type 27 Trolley PWM 3773, Wickham Type 27 Trolley 9038, Wickham Type 4A Trolley 11717, Wickham trailer 11718 and Matisa CBL09 Tamper 4885. we also hope to display a few of the PW machines such as a rail drill, rail saw, TB2 nut runner and rail grinder.

• The excellent museum at Buckfastleigh will be open and staffed by the museum's team of guides who will be pleased to answer any questions on the extensive collection.

• An information centre will be set up in the Picnic Coach.

• The SDR's London Transport Routemaster bus will be running to Ashburton town and the former station there, once the terminus of our line.

• On Sunday, Buckfastleigh's original signal box, which used to control the whole of Buckfastleigh when the line continued a further two miles to Ashburton, will be open.

Each of the station groups at BuckfastleighStaverton and Totnes will be pleased to show visitors what is happening there.

There is no charge for any of the 'Behind the Scenes' events and normal train fares and entry to Totnes Rare Breeds Farm and Dartmoor Otters & Buckfast Butterflies will apply. 3 Great Attractions, 1 Amazing Day discount tickets are available as usual.

Beer festival 

On Friday 14th and in the evening of Saturday 15th, the Routemaster bus will be operating an excursion from Buckfastleigh station to the Tradesman’s Arms in Scorriton for their beer festival. 


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