BR Bo-Bo D8110 (20 110)

The English Electric Type 1 class was introduced by British Railways In 1957. Reclassified Class 20 under the BR TOPS numbering scheme, they were designed to work small pick up freight trains during the day and to be coupled in multiple to work longer, faster freights at night as well as summer passenger trains.

D8110 and built in January 1962 in English Electric's Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn factory at Darlington. It was first allocated to Glasgow's Eastfield Depot and fitted with the automatic token catcher recesses in the cab sides and the bigger cab side windows that the West Highland line required at the time. D8110 was renumbered 20 110 in 1973 and worked on BR Scottish Region until 1986 when it went south to Sheffield's Tinsley Depot, thence to Immingham, Toton and finally Bescot where it finished its BR service on ballast trains on 14th September 1990.

It was purchased for preservation by South Devon Diesel Traction in 1991 from Toton and moved to the South Devon Railway where it has been used on passenger trains, works trains and shunting. In 1993, D8110 was sent to London where it enjoyed a stint of engineering work on London Transport's Metropolitan Line, working out of Ruislip Depot. 

First finished in its original British Railways green livery of the 1960s, D8110 is currently painted in British Rail blue as it ran when allocated to the Scottish Region. 

D8110 / 20 110 is currently in service.