BR Bo-Bo D8118 (20 118 Saltburn-by-the-Sea)

The English Electric Type 1 class was introduced by British Railways In 1957. Reclassified Class 20 under the BR TOPS numbering scheme, they were designed to work small pick up freight trains during the day and to be coupled in multiple to work longer, faster freights at night, as well as summer passenger trains.

D8118 was built in February 1962 at English Electric's Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn factory in Darlington. It was first allocated to Glasgow's Polmadie depot and transferred to Eastfield depot later that same year. By the start of 1964 the loco was back at Polmadie, this time staying until November 1969 when it went to the Nottingham Division. However it returned to Polmadie once again towards the end of 1971 and was again transferred to Eastfield TMD in March the following year.

After renumbering to 20 118, it moved south to Sheffield Tinsley in March 1985. Transferred to Thornaby, it was named Saltburn-by-the-Sea in August 1987 at Saltburn Station. In May 1990 the loco went back to Eastfield and by August had lost its name.

The loco had its last "A" Exam on 26 September 1995 but did not work again as it was placed out of service and stored unserviceable. In mid 1999, it was sold to South Devon Diesel Traction and moved by road to Buckfastleigh where it arrived in December 1999 and started up for the first time in preservation in May 2000. 


20 118 was outshopped in the relatively modern grey BR Railfreight livery complete with 'large logo' and reunited with its Saltburn-by-the-Sea name.

In April 2011, D8118 was sold, when owners, South Devon Diesel Traction, bought D7541.


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