Bottle ends

We produce a full range of flue tube ends for locomotive boilers, in a host of different sizes.

Before you order your bottle ends please read the following notes as this helps to avoid confusion.

Bottle ends are supplied 12" long as standard. In special cases we can supply ends above this length.

The large end diameter varies in 1/4" steps. For flue tubes with O.D. in 1/8" steps, the outside can be machined to suit.

The small end diameter varies in 1/8" steps. Our standard sizes range from 4 1/8" to 5 1/4". Other sizes may be available on request.

Standard ends are supplied as one of two wall thickness, 3/8" and 1/2" wall. Other thickness may be available on request.

Bottle ends are produced from material complying to DIN 2448/1629, ST 52.0. See below for specification. For other materials please contact us.

Material certificates are provided at no extra cost.

Click here and print out the order form to accompany your order. This avoids confusion later on.

Material Specification

DIN 2448/1692 ST 52.0

% content


0.22 max


0.55 max


1.60 max


0.04 max


0.035 max



Min Yield N/mm2 for wall thickness

<16mm (355) 16mm-40mm (345) 40mm-65mm (335)

Tensile N/mm2

500 min 650 max